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Verdie Grant Foster
Family Edward Grant (father),Ethel Harris (mother),Alice Grant (sister),Sara Grant (daugther),Cody Grant, Vern Grant (sons),Wyatt Grant(First husband),Harley Foster (husband),Jody Foster (step-son), Josh Foster (adopted son)

Actor Lynn Hamilton
Status Alive
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First appared The Scholar


Season 1

Sister Alice lives with her s1/e21 Sews a dress for Miss Hunter s1/e21 Learned to read from John-Boy s1/e21

Season 2

She and Harley Foster (and Jody) met for the first time s2/e5 First husband died s2/e5 Met Harley Foster s2/e5 Son Albert s2/e5 Second husband Harley Foster (first met in s2/e5).

Season 6

Later, Alice lives in Ashville s6/e2 Verdie was born at 3:30 am 10/11/1898 in Brightwood, Virginia s6/e18 While growing up, Verdie and her parents lived upstairs to Frank Nelson and his wife s6/e18 Parents Edward (Ned) Nubie and Ethel Harris (died of TB) s6/e18 Grandparents Albert Harris (born October 15, 1831, bought by Unwin's in 18??, died August 27, 1887) and Etta (bought by Unwin's in 18??, died August 23, 1887), both died of an epidemic and were buried in church cemetary in Scottsville, Virginia (as slaves, they were owned by Unwin family) s6/e18 Greatgrandfather Randolph Harris (Seth Ado) s6/e18