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The Thanksgiving Holiday is approaching and John Boy is excited for two reasons. Firstly he has been accepted by Boatwright University to sit for their scholarship exam, without which he will not be able to go to college, and secondly because his girlfriend Jenny is returning to Waltons Mountain with her stepmother. Whilst he is waiting, however, he has an accident at the family sawmill, when a belt running the saw flies off, hits him in the head and the impact forces him backwards into a pile of lumber. He is unconscious for some seconds and brushes it off as just a scratch, but as the days go on he experiences difficulty with his sight.

When he attends for the scholarship exam he is not able to finish the exams because he can't see. He finally sees the doctor, who orders tests which show that John Boy needs major head surgery to release the pressure of the swelling on the optic nerves.

The secondary story in this episode provides much light relief as we see Jason accepting a job with the Baldwin sisters. He arrives there to begin the work, only to find that they want him to help them make a special batch of the recipe so that they can send some to President Roosevelt for his thanksgiving present. Jason fears his mothers wrath when she discovers what he has been doing, so tells his father instead. Things come to a head though, when the Baldwins consider that Jason is just like their "Papa" and decide that they will offer to adopt Jason. Some very funny scenes follow with the Baldwin ladies confronting John and Olivia with their request, then another between John and the outraged, strong Baptist, Olivia, who is trying very hard to feel Christian towards the Baldwin ladies but who is absolutely mortified that her Jason would be instrumental in making bootleg whiskey!

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  • NOTE: Philip Leacock was nominated for an Emmy for best direction.
  • NOTE: Joanna Lee, the writer, won an Emmy for the best script.
  • LOOK FOR: Sian Barbara Allen returnign to Waltons Mountain as Jenny Pendleton.
  • LOOK FOR: Kym Karath who played the tiny role of Mabel, one of the schoolgirls peeking in at the auditions. Kym is remembered for her role as Gretl in The Sound of Music and also she played Patty in the original movie based on Earl Hamner's family, Spencer's Mountain.