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Twenty year old Reverend Matthew Fordwick, straight out of bible school, arrives to stay and preach, at the Waltons Mountain church. While on Waltons Mountain, he is staying as a guest of the Walton family. His stay causes friction between John and Olivia though, when Olivia feels that he is making fun of Rev Fordwick and undermining what she is telling the children. John, however, tries to tell Rev Fordwick that the mountain folk are just simple folk who don't like to be shouted out and don't understand speeches that aren't spoken in plain language. John also becomes upset with him when he shouts that the children are wicked and sinful. All the time that the Reverend is staying with them, John Boy is trying to come to terms with what "sin" really is and why it is so bad. Yancy Tucker also appears in this episode, and reaffirms Olivia's beliefs that drinking whisky is sinful when he arrives in the barn after sampling the recipe, and knocks over a lantern, setting the barn alight.

Matthew discovers that he is a distant cousin of the Baldwin sisters, and visits with them, along with Grandpa…and of course, they offer a "sip of the recipe", which results in Matthew becoming drunk. The ladies believe that their "recipe" is nothing more than cordial. Needless to say, the Waltons Mountain folk witness his drunken state and Matthew feels so ashamed that he contemplates leaving the ministry, until John Walton steps in and makes him realise that ministers are human too, and are prone to make all kinds of mistakes. John actually joins him in going to the church service and encourages the others there to give him a go and to understand that everyone sins, even those preaching the Lord's words.

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