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This episode introduces Corabeth Walton, John's cousin from Doe Hill. She arrives to visit on Waltons Mountain following the death of her mother, telling the family she will only be there for a short visit, but she looks as if she has moved in and taken over John Boy's room. Ike Godsey seems to be very attracted to her. They are both very different. Corabeth is a city socialite who likes the high life, while Ike is the mountain general store keeper. Poor Ike feels very awkward and shy around Corabeth though, but still he proposes to her. Although she accepts, both parties are very apprehensive about their forthcoming "nuptials" and have second thoughts. Both eventually overcome their nerves and do get married.

Erin is also stricken with doubts about herself during this episode. She tells John Boy that she's in the middle...not the eldest, yet not the baby, and doesn't really know what she is. John Boy tells her to look in the mirror and tell him what she sees. He then tells her to dress herself in a pretty dress and do her hair up nicely and takes her into town to have her photo taken, so that she can see herself as others see her...a beautiful young girl. While she is at the photographers waiting, she meets Rebecca, who is very self conscious about her looks. She helps Rebecca to style her hair and both of them end up with lovely photos which the photographer wishes to put in a competition. Erin is so pleased with her photos and John Boy's boosting her self confidence that she is able to unselfishly be thrilled to hear that Rebecca won the competition.

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  • NOTE: This episode marked the first episode introducing the character of Corabeth Walton, who subsequently became Corabeth Godsey.