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John-Boy discovers that young Jenny Pendleton has run away from her home in Richmond and is staying at her father's place on Waltons Mountain, the old Pendleton place. She tells John and John Boy that her father has remarried and that she feels that there is no room in her father's life for her at present, so she decided to move back to the Mountain for a while. The Walton family take Jenny into their home and notify the Sherrif. It seems as if the Walton's are the answer to Jenny's dream of being a member of a large family. Jenny's father and stepmother arrive looking for her and decide to stay a while in their home. Jenny and John Boy fall in love, however both Jenny's and John Boy's world is shattered when an accident claims the life of Jenny's father and she and her stepmother return to their home in Richmond.

Recurring Role

  • John Crawford as Sheriff Bridges
  • Byron Morrow as Doc Shackleford

Guest Cast


  • LOOK FOR: John Boy playing a dulcimer and singing a folk song to Jenny. As a going away present, Jenny buys John Boy a dulcimer of his own.
  • NOTE 1: This episode was nominated for two Emmy awards: one for Lee Philips as best director and the other for Earl Hamner Jnr. as best writer.
  • NOTE 2: Sian Barbara Allen was to return in season 2 to reprise her role as Jenny Pendleton during the two hour episode of The Thanksgiving Story.


David Pendleton: Jenny, you're too old for a spanking and too young to go to jail!

David Pendleton: Jenny, do you know what you deserve that you're not going to get?

Jenny Pendleton: No, what daddy?

David Pendleton: A trip over my lap, for making us so worried!