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Trouble occurs for Ben when he makes friends with Nancy, a young girl whose mother ran away when Nancy was very young. Nancy tells Ben that her mother isn't dead, as the Waltons Mountain people had all thought, but rather she has been living in Charlottesville. Although Nancy had been told by her father not to ever visit her, she asks Ben to take her. Ben borrows John Boy's car and takes her to Charlottesville, but while they are visiting, a young couple steal the car and go for a joy ride. Whilst the car is stolen, the driver hits another car causing some damage. All this has happened unbeknownst to Ben, since he and Nancy are with Nancy's mother in a cafe.

The Sheriff approaches John Boy about his car, and naturally enough he denies having been in Charlottesville the previous night, but they discover the damage to his car when they go to look. Ben owns up and says that he did secretly take the car, but will not tell where nor whom he was with. Erin helps him out a bit when she tells John Boy that Ben has been seeing Nancy, and John Boy finally sorts out what had happened.

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Ben: What do you want me to go?

Daddy: You go to school.

Ben: Daddy!

Daddy: I could beat this outta you son, but I'm not going to! I wish you should trust me enough to tell me the truth!

Ben: I do!

Daddy: Then stop this nonsense and tell me what happened last night!

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