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When Olivia returns home to Waltons Mountain, after recuperating from TB in Arizona, she finds that everyone is anxious to fill her in on the changes in their lives. Ben introduces his new wife, Elizabeth tells her that Aimee is due to come home after being at boarding school, Erin tells how she employed Mary Ellen as the nurse at Pickett's Plant. The family's catching up around the dinner table is interrupted by Ep Bridges at the door, telling John that a young local boy has disappeared from the army and that he will be jailed if he doesn't return quickly. He asks John, as head of the draft board, to visit the family and try to urge him to come back voluntarily. The young man, Tommy, does eventually go back voluntarily, only to be killed overseas. His distraught father comes looking for the Walton family, intending to kill one of John's sons, holding John responsible for his own son's death, and a real Mountain grudge is on.

Elizabeth is thrilled to have Aimee back on the mountain, but is disappointed when she arrives, a well poised and polished young lady. Jim Bob begins to see the changed Aimee in a new light, and Aimee seems to like Jim Bob, writing in her diary that he has become a handsome and sexy young man. Naturally when Corabeth reads that, she is quite concerned, however, Ike is more concerned that she would read Aimee's private diary, however he does urge her to read on! Elizabeth feels neglected by Aimee as the romance between Aimee and Jim Bob seems to be underway and Aimee breaks plans she had made with Elizabeth, to go out with Jim Bob instead. Elizabeth is abandoned when the two plan to walk to church together and Jim Bob stops next to them and offers them both a lift, and then Elizabeth and Aimee plan to go to see Wuthering Heights together on Saturday, but Jim Bob asks Aimee for a date and she accepts, completely ignoring any plans with Elizabeth for the same day. When Jim Bob discovers that she has broken her plans with Elizabeth, he breaks the date he made with Aimee, telling her that she should have better manners and he was disappointed in her. Aimee seeks the comfort of her parents, who were afraid that she had turned into a snob.

The newly weds, Cindy and Ben, are also having problems with Cindy upset because she is having difficulties becoming pregnant and everybody continually asking her about it. She is very happy to find one morning though, that the sight of her eggs on the plate are making her feel sick, a sure sign, Olivia tells her, that she has become pregnant.

Erin has her own problems when she decides to apply for the vacant job as assistant manager to J.D. Pickett and he turns her down, believing that it is not a job for a woman. As she points out, she has been doing all of the work anyway, so why shouldn't she. Erin then retaliates by becoming a Southern woman of charm without a brain in her head, and J.D. finally gets the message.

Back to the Satterfield - Walton feud, Calvin Satterfield pulls up alongside Jason and Ben, warning them and telling Ben he is lucky his "woman" was with him! He later sees Jim Bob, collecting parts off an old car, and takes a shot at him. John calls the Sheriff and the two go up to talk about it, but then John decides that perhaps it is best for he and Satterfield to work it out between themselves, and so a standoff begins with both men facing each other with a rifle. Before anything further can happen, Olivia and her family arrive with the telegram, bringing the news that their own son, John Boy, is missing in action.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast

  • Lewis Arquette as J.D. Pickett
  • Glenn Withrow as Tommy Satterfield
  • George Ralph Dicenzo as Calvin Satterfield


The usual ending narration and goodnights were omitted at the end of this episode.