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After Jim Bob helps Ike by repairing his motorcycle, Ike allows him to use it any time he chooses, much to Olivia's dismay. When he wants to enter a motorcycle race using Ike's bike, she is not keen but realises that she must allow him to grow up and just trust him to make the right decisions. Ike, on the other hand, is far more preoccupied with the news that the Godseys are the next in line to adopt a baby. After receiving the news that Corabeth would not be able to have children they were very upset, but they decided that adoption would be a good solution and are looking forward to getting their baby. Finally the news came through that their baby boy was ready to be collected and so, with great excitement, they head to the adoption agency. They call in at the Walton place on their way home to introduce their new addition to the Waltons, and their baby boy turns out to be a ten year old girl, Aimee Louise. The mother of the baby boy decided at the last minute that she couldn't part with her baby and when the Godseys saw Aimee sitting on her bed, seeming so lonely, it was love at first sight, and so Aimee came home with them. Much of the episode deals with the adjustments Aimee, Ike and Corabeth need to make in order to become a family.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • NOTE 1: Rachel Longaker makes her first appearance in The Waltons as Aimee Godsey in this episode.
  • NOTE 2: Also appearing is Eileen McDonough as Patsy Brimmer, Mrs Brimmer's neice. The character of Patsy Brimmer was introduced in the episode, The Wedding, but was played by Debbie Gunn.


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