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The Waltons are getting ready for John-Boy's high-school graduation with a new suit being bought, as well as lots of new accessories bought for him by his family members. However Chance the cow dies and the family needs to buy another cow, but cannot afford to do so. Without telling them, John Boy returns his suit so that his money can be used for the cow. Grandpa's best suit is then seconded by the lady members of the household, the one that he was going to be buried in. However, Esther tells him that "It's not right to be wearin' tweed when you go to meet your maker!". Esther and Olivia hastily alter and restyle it for John Boy's graduation.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • LOOK FOR: Jeff Cotler making his first appearance on The Waltons in this episode. He is Kami Cotler's brother.
  • LOOK FOR: John Boy being a part of the Class of 34 at the Waltons Mountain School. He has won the Dabney Scholarship to Boatwright College.
  • LOOK FOR: Some more information about the romance between Ashley Longworth and Miss Emily during this episode, when the Baldwin sisters give John Boy the tie pin that Miss Emily had bought for Ashley. He was a student at the University of Virginia and the young couple kissed under the maple tree as a swirl of autumn leaves tumbled down. Papa, however, sent him away and he never came back!