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The children of the Walton family are excited about the possibility of speaking with spirits when they get a Ouija board, given to them by Ike. Neither Grandma nor Olivia are pleased at this prospect, as it goes against their religious beliefs. Things get a bit spooky though, when the Ouija board spells out the name of Luke, a visitor at the Walton home, then suggests that he should not board a specific train. Circumstances cause Luke to miss that train and they later discover that it was involved in a crash.

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  • NOTE: It seems that this episode did not often appear on the Family network in the USA, and after much discussion, the Waltons Mailing List members decided that perhaps it conflicted with their religious beliefs too. TNN, however, has been screening it, to the delight of Waltons fans, many of whom haven't seen the episode for many years.


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