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The family is very troubled when Elizabeth begins having nightmares and sleepwalks. In her dream she is on a ferris wheel which keeps going around and around and there is nobody there to let her off. John Boy feels that she may be remembering the carnival that came to the mountain some years before, and that perhaps she had a frightening experience at that time. It is remembered that while the carnival was there previously, Elizabeth became lost for a time and was eventually found down by the river, however she was unable to tell anyone what had happened to her, nor how she managed to get to the river. As the episode unfolds, Elizabeth gradually unlocks her memories and is eventually able to tell everyone just what happened to her on that fateful day. By remembering she also solves a mystery for the Baldwin sisters. This episode also looks at Ben who is becoming very concerned at being continually called Shorty, and is worried that he is not growing as quickly as his brothers. To add insult to injury he realises that his sister Erin, and his little brother Jim Bob are both taller than he is now. He decides to buy some Wonder Shoes which will increase his height by two inches, but to his dismay, nobody in the family even notices.

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