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The Waltons Mountain community become very excited when they learn that a well known evangelist is coming to the Mountain to lead this year's revival meeting. Olivia has hopes that some of the Walton children will heed the call and become baptised, especially Ben who is spotted at the Dew Drop Inn, by both the evangelist and Reverend Fordwick, with Yancy Tucker. They called in there as soon as the evangelist arrived on the mountain, so that he could see the "centre of sin". Both Olivia and Esther also pray that John will take part in the meeting and also become baptised, however John has so far not felt the need to be formally baptised, feeling that he believes in God in his own way and preferring not to go to worship in the Baptist church with the other family members. However John does end up going to the meeting. A sudden storm forces him to go outside to cover the wood which he intended to work on whilst the others were at the meeting, and a bolt of lightening near him, renders him unconscious and the wood gets wet. Olivia sees this as a sign from God and John duly attends the meeting with the others. When the preacher begins with his "fire and brimstone preaching", however, John walks out, upsetting Olivia further. At the same time Ben is struggling to decide whether he really wants to be baptised adding to Olivia's stress and the division between John and Olivia deepens. Olivia comes to accept John's decision in the end and sees him as a searcher, one looking for religion which is different from the mainstream. Her distress is diminished somewhat when both Ben and Yancy take the plunge into the river and both become baptised.

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