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We learn that Ike is concerned about food shortages and the rationing which is occurring due to the war and these pressures cause Ike to have a severe heart attack. He is taken to hospital where David Spencer tells him that he will recover providing he rests. Corabeth is still concerned though, because apparently her father was told a similar thing following a heart attack, but he died shortly after. She determines that she and Ike should sell the store and buy a cottage near the sea where Corabeth can care for Ike.

The younger Walton children look after the store while Ike is in hospital, and Ben and Jim Bob decide that as there is a shortage of suger, they could make molassess from sorgum which grows on the mountain. They find it very hard work though, for rather a small return.

When John visits Ike, he is told by Ike that it is Corabeth who wants to sell the store, but he really doesn't. He makes a will which he asks John to be Executor for and tells John that he has been the best friend he ever had. Ike discovers Corabeth's real feelings towards him when she tells him that she has been lost without him. Ike agrees to sell the store, to placate Corabeth, and we see some men looking over the store with the intention of buying it.

When Ike and Corabeth arrive home, he is greeted by the Walton children and learn of the help they have given him in the store. The couple tell the children that they plan to sell and move, but when the man buying the store begins to outline the "improvements" he intends to make, Ike puts his foot down and says that he would rather keep working than live out the rest of his life in a rocking chair, simply waiting to die. Corabeth realises that his heart is on Waltons Mountain and agrees to stay there in the store too.

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