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Rosemary Hunter-Fordwick
Rosemary Hunter Fordrick.jpg
Family Matthew Fordwick (husband)
Mary Margaret Fordwick (daughter)
Occupation Teacher
Actor Mariclare Costello
Status Alive

Rosemary Fordwick (maiden name Hunter), was the first schoolteacher of the Walton's Mountain School.

  • First to read one of John-Boy's stories, and she recommends he submit it to a magazine in The Hunt.
  • Confronts Lutie Bascomb with regards to human evolution, and helps Lois May Bascomb with her science abilities in The Fire.
  • Is informed by Elizabeth that Verdie Foster is being taught to read by John-Boy from her books in The Scholar.
  • Her sister is injured in an accident; the sister is married and lives in Norfolk; Miss Hunter takes a leave of absense to care for her injured sister s2/e11
  • Lives at Mrs. Brimmer's boarding house s2/e14
  • Buys two bottles of Olivia's Binckney's Bubble Beautifier s2/e19
  • First to suggest to John-Boy to turn early writings into his first novel s3/e20
  • Married Matthew Fordwick s4/e1
  • Mother of Mary Margaret born s5/e8