Olivia Walton (formerly Olivia Daly) is one of the main characters in The Waltons. She is portrayed by Patricia Neal in The Homecoming and Miss. Michael Learned in the regular series.

She is the wife of John, daughter-in-law of Esther & Zebulon and the mother of John-Boy, Jason, Mary-Ellen, Ben, Jim-Bob and Elizabeth. She lost a total of two babies: Jim-Bob's twin brother and an unborn baby.


Olivia is a very motherly, sweet, compassionate, religious lady who would do anything for her family and home. Despite her sweetness, she believes in excellent posture and manners, and is not afraid to scold, or even punish her children for misbehaving. She is a very religious woman, who can quote directly from the Bible and never misses the local church's Sunday service. Olivia is very old-school and is not a big fan of change, however, that doesn't mean she won't try to experience new things.

For instance, in The Bicycle, she fawns over a bike at Ike's General Merchantile Store and he gives her permission to take it out for a joyride, much to her enjoyment, even sacrificing the workload at home to ride it. Likewise, in The Rebellion, Olivia becomes tired of doing the same thing every day, so she decides to get a perm, which results in her family laughing at her expense.

Olivia is very much against violence in general. She refuses to hear her boys talk about going to war. She also does not approve of Jason working at the Dew Drop Inn but tolerates it to an extent. She is overprotecting of all her children and will defend them if her life depended on it.

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