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Maude Gormley.jpg
Maude Gormley
Family Leonard Gormley, (son)
First Appeared The Minstrel
Played By Merie Earle
Status Alive

Sang songs to Jamie on his world travels to write down regional songs s1/e14 Given eggs by Yancy s2/e6 Buys three bottles of Olivia's Binckney's Bubble Beautifier s2/e19 "Primitive" painter Makes coconut creme pie for church bazaar to raise money for Clayton family s4/e2 Gives the Waltons her goat Myrtle s4/e7 Mentions to Ike and John-Boy that her cat Prudence is missing s4/e17 Sent to old folks home by her son, Leonard, but eventually escapes s4/e20 John-Boy and Grandpa give her one of their rocking chairs in exchange for the pleasure of Myrtle s4/e20 Awarded twenty-five dollars at Rockfish exhibition s6/e9