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Matthew Fordrick.jpg
Reverend Matthew Fordwick
Family Rosemary Hunter Fordwick (wife),
Mary Margaret Fordwick(daughter)
First Appeared The Sinner
Played By John Ritter
Status Deceased

Matthew Fordwick was reverend who came straight out of bible school, arrives to stay and preach, at the Waltons Mountain church.

Character Facts

The first Baptist minister that appears in the series s1/e7 Brought to WM by missionary Ethel Prissom s1/e7 Baldwin sisters are his cousins on Uncle Elwood's side s1/e7 Just graduated from divinity school s1/e7 Twenty-one years old next month s1/e7 His mother, Sarah, lives in Richmond, Virginia s1/e7 The Baldwin sisters last saw him in Richmond during a family reunion twenty-one years ago in 1914 s1/e7 Becomes accidentally drunk on the Baldwin sister's Recipe, but is eventually accepted by a thoughtful congregation s1/r7 His first words in his first sermon: I am a sinner. s1/e7 Brings polio-strickened Olivia with a signature quilt from the women of the Ladies Aid Society s1/e24 Attended Virginia Theological Academy s2/e10 Began to court Miss Hunter s2/e14 Married Rosemary Hunter s4/e1 His friend Will Ewing of Charleston officiated the wedding ceremony s4/e1 The Fordwick's take in Erin and Jim Bob while the Walton's house is being rebuilt after the fire s4/e18 Preaches along with Rev. Henshaw at the Baptist Church revival s5/e4 Officiates the wedding ceremony of Mary Ellen and Curt s5/e7 Father of Mary Margaret born s5/e8 Move away from Walton's Mountain s6/e1