Martha Rose Coverdale Travis
Family Tyler Coverdale (father),Rose Coverdale (mother),Tedrow Coverdale (brother),Russell Travis (husband),Matrim Travis (son),Rosie Travis,Christine Travis (daugthers)

Actor Cindy Eilbacher
Status Alive


  • Mary Ellen's classmate and rival
  • Tells the Walton children how great the carnival was when she sees them in Ike's store s1/e2
  • Enters Ike's store with G.W. Haines to buy two-cents of peppermints s1/e4
  • Tattles on John-Boy to Miss Hunter when he helps Ike sell (fake) antique furniture rather than go to school s1/e16
  • Attends Jefferson County Fair with G.W. s2/e7
  • Dyes her hair with the "Jean Harlowe" look s2/e12
  • Goes to The Hop with her brother Tedrow s3/e6
  • Tells Mary Ellen that calling her mother "Mrs. Walton" is sophisticated s4/e9
  • Marries Russell Travis
  • Falls off ladder (several broken ribs and bruises on her face) and is treated by Doc Willard and Mary Ellen s5/e8
  • Gives birth to Matrim Travis in s6/e19
  • Has Rosie Travis in s9/e20 was named after her grandmother that passed away a few days before she was born