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Martha Corrine Tyler Walton
Family Zebulon Walton, (brother in law), Esther Walton, (sister in law), Boone Walton, (son)
First Appeared The Conflict
Played By Beulah Bondi
Status Deceased

Martha Corrine Walton was the wife of Zeb's brother Henry. She died while picking daisies in the episode The Pony Cart. She comes to visit the Walton clan because of her failing health, showers the family with gifts, and paints a pony cart that Ben buys. She becomes a bit of a pest, but seeks their company because she does not want to die alone. She is buried on Walton's Mountain next to Henry and her infant son.

Martha Corrine was also in an episode regarding her having to move from her home on Blue Rock Creek, The Conflict.

Martha Corrine was born in 1847; she was ninety in Season 5, which is in 1937.

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