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Marcia Woolery
Family Unknown
First Appeared The Foundling
Played By Tammi Bula
Status Alive


  • John-Boy's first girlfriend in The Foundling.
  • John-Boy is suppose to take her to a school dance, but cancels to help Maggie MacKenzie drive to the coast in The Journey.
  • Wears Tyler Crawford's class ring (senior year) and dates him.
  • Writes in John-Boy's high school Autograph Book: "How do I love thee, let me count the ways.”
  • Graduates with John-Boy in The Graduation.
  • Moved to Richmond, and returns home one year, three months later in The Emergence.
  • Has been employed as a stock girl in Richmond in The Emergence.
  • Is engaged to Frank Taylor in The Emergence, but breaks up with him.
  • Tries to sell her deceased parent's home, in order to help buy a business for her fiance in The Emergence.
  • Gets the stock girl position at the Federated Store in Charlottesville in The Emergence.