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Ike Godsey is a major character on The Waltons. He is portrayed by Woodrow Parfrey in The Homecoming and Joe Conely in the main series. He runs the General Merchantile Store and is responsible for maintaining stock, sending/receiving mail, taking phone calls, and tending to customers at the gas station. He eventually marries Corabeth Walton-Godsey in The Matchmakers and they adopt a daughter, Aimee, in The Great Motorcycle Race.


Ike is one of the friendliest neighbors on Walton's Mountain and a long time friend of John. Like John, he is very hard working and loves his store dearly (in The Attack he states he would rather die at the register than in some rocking chair). He has his own organizational system and, until he becomes married, runs the store by himself. He loves to play pool with his friends while enjoying their good company and a bottle of the Baldwin's recipe.

Ike, being at the hotspot of activity on Walton's Mountain, is very nosey. He purposely overhears telephone conversations and attempts to but into other folk's conversation. When he hears about John-Boy's novel, he constantly asks him whether he's mentioned in it, and even brings him a box filled with baby books and pictures so he'll write more.