Erin Esther Walton is a main character on The Waltons. She is portrayed by Mary McDonough She is the second daughter and fifth child of John Walton & Olivia Walton.


In earlier seasons Erin was very close with Mary-Ellen, the two would always been seen hanging out and/or gossiping. Erin was known for tattling on other people, which would often cause fights. Despite this flaw, she was very friendly, kind, and outgoing. Erin was always viewed as being extremely attractive, which became more apparent as she ages throughout the series. Right before Erin graduates High School, she becomes temporarily depressed, as she has no idea what she wants to do with her life (unlike her siblings such as Mary-Ellen's passion for nursing, or John-Boy's passion for writing.)

In later seasons, Erin became one of the most influential workers at J.D. Pickett's metal products factory due to her standing up for women's rights in the workplace.

Season 1