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Played by : David Huddleston (The Homecoming) and John Crawford (The Foundling) s1e1

  • The Sheriff
  • His office is located in Rockfish
  • He tells John that he has never seen the lost girl Holly s1/e1
  • Ep tells Olivia to lock their doors and windows because four carnival people are roaming around the area s1/e2
  • Settles the dispute about Bullett the bull calf between George Anderson and John s1/e3
  • Helps Mary Ellen locate the typewriter she sold to Vern Rudley s1/e5
  • Is invited to hunt on John-Boy's Meadow with John s1/e8
  • Huddleston also played A.J. Covington in s1/e11
  • Ep investigates the case of Alvira Drummond's driver stealing her money and possessions s1/e15
  • Invetigates the school fire, and finds Lois May Bascomb has been beaten up by her father, Lutie s1/e16
  • Called by Dave Pendleton to see if his daughter, Jenny, has run away to Walton's Mountain s1/e17
  • Tries to keep the peace between Matt Beckwith and some gypsies that have broken into the Baldwin house s1/e19
  • Helps to find Sarah Jane Simmons, who has gone off with Theodore Albert Claypool Jr. without her mother's permission s1/e23
  • Reads Literary Digests2/e6
  • Hunts down the Robin Hood Bandit, finally catching Yancy Tucker s2/e6
  • Arrests Wade Walton and confronts Ben with his illegal business of selling pine seedlings s4/e12
  • Investigates the claim that John's truck was spotted in Charlottesville transporting illegal bootleg whiskey, actually Homer Lee Baldwin is using the truck, unknown to John-Boy and Zeb s1/e13
  • Arrests Nifty Mulligan, a con artist, along with his granddaughter Bridget “Muffin” Maloney, but they escape in John-Boy's car s4/e19
  • Arrests Ben for breaking into Rockfish house s5/e1
  • Helps Judge Thornbury after he runs his car into the Rockfish soda shop s5/e1
  • Originally from Washington county, VA s5/e18
  • Awarded medal of Honor in WWI s5/e12
  • Husband of Louella, First wife died s5/e12.
  • Father of two sons s5/e12
  • Husband of Sarah, second wife, s5/e23
  • Adopted Joe and Claire Douglas s6/e10