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Emily Baldwin
Emily Baldwin.jpg
Family Matthew Baldwin (Father),
Mamie Baldwin (sister),
Polonius Baldwin (Cousin)
Occupation Unknown
Actor Mary Jackson
Status Deceased

Season 1

  • Miss Emily often said, "Don't you know!"
  • Prepared 'The Recipe' from a recipe handed down from family members
  • Attended Young Ladies Seminary
  • Miss Emily's long ago suitor Ashley Longworth was first mentioned in The Homecoming. Miss Emily first kissed Ashley Longworth on her 25th birthday (October 19); she often said that he kissed her "out there under the maple tree and a shower of golden leaves swirled about in the autumn wind".
  • Owned a 1908 Olivetti typewriter that they loaned to John-Boy. It was bought new in 1908, the first typewriter in Jefferson County. Judge Baldwin typed a letter to President Woodrow Wilson and a series of articles for the New York Times protesting the eighteenth amendment on it.
  • A meteorite crashes into the Baldwin sister's Recipe room in Season 1 Episode 6.
  • Her grandfather was called "The Colonel"
  • Her father was called "The Judge" (Captain Matthew (also called Randolph) Baldwin)
  • She has a cousin Polonius 'P.K.' Baldwin from Richmond
  • The Baldwin sisters' papa lived to be 87 years old
  • She has a relative Rev. Matthew Fordwick
  • Miss Emily plays the one-arm bandit inside Ike's store; she gets 'two lemons and a cherry'
  • Miss Emily reminisces about Ashley Longworth taking liberties out by the maple tree in Season 1 Episode 13

Season 2

  • Miss Emily almost tells what is in The Recipe by saying the first ingredient is, "fourteen level tablespoons of...", then is cut off by Miss Mamie in Season 2 Episode 21

Season 3

  • Her mother did not like a statute that her husband had made based on Edgar Allen Poe's Annabel Lee while in Florence, Italy on family's "Grand Tour" in 1901. Grandpa Walton wins the statue and Grandma Walton has a fit, saying that it reminded her of a woman that Grandpa used to date. Grandma has such a fit for so long that Grandpa has to throw it in the creek. In this episode (The Statue), John-Boy writes a story about the Baldwin Sisters that makes Miss Emily cry; she is very touched over the prose of her and Ashley Longworth as interpreted by John Boy Walton.

Season 4

  • The Baldwin sisters take in Jason while the Walton house is being rebuilt after the fire.
  • Miss Emily is president of the Rockfish Historical Society
  • She and Miss Mamie say they have distant relatives in Culpepper, Virginia, who manufacture barrels
  • The sisters hire Olivia to make dresses for them from fabrics they got from their travels around the world s4/e20

Season 5

  • She has a Cousin Hilary Baldwin von Clinst (Baltimore branch of Baldwin)
  • Her Cousin Raymond wrote risque books, adored basket weaving, had to leave town after a scandal.

Season 7

  • Her Great-grandfather Fitius Lewis (or T.) Baldwin left Culpeper County as first Baldwin on Walton's Mountain

Season 9

  • Both she and Mamie are Daughters of the American Revolution and Daughters of the Confederacy
  • Agent Fred Winthrop from the Alcohol and Tobacco Unit of the U.S. government take away her illegal Recipe machine
  • "The Secret Room" that their grandfather used as his Recipe room is discovered by the sisters and Ike
  • She has a relative named Octavia, as revealed in Season 9 Episode 20