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Emily Baldwin
Emily Baldwin.jpg
Family Matthew Baldwin (Father),
Mamie Baldwin (sister),
Polonius Baldwin (Cousin)
Occupation Unknown
Actor Mary Jackson
Status Deceased

Season 1

Miss Emily often said, "Don't you know!" Prepared 'The Recipe' from a recipe handed down from family members Attended Young Ladies Seminary 11/21/93 Miss Emily's long ago suitor Ashley Longworth first mentioned in The Homecoming Pre-2 and s1/e5 Miss Emily first kissed by Ashley Longworth on her 25th birthday (October 19) The Homecoming Pre- 2; she often said that he kissed her "out there under the maple tree and a shower of golden leaves swirled about in the autumn wind" s3/e21. Owned a 1908 Olivetti typewriter that they loaned to John-Boy. It was bought new in 1908, the first typewriter in Jefferson County. Judge Baldwin typed a letter to President Woodrow Wilson and a series of articles for the New York Times protesting the eighteenth amendment. s1/e5 A meteorite crashes into the Baldwin sister's Recipe room s1/e6 Grandfather was called "The Colonel" Father was called "The Judge" (Captain Matthew (also called Randolph) Baldwin) Cousin Polonius 'P.K.' Baldwin from Richmond s1/e6 Baldwin sister's papa lived to be 87 years old s1/e7 Relative Rev. Matthew Fordwick, they are his cousins s1/e7 Miss Emily plays the one-arm bandit inside Ike's store, gets 'two lemons and a cherry' s1/e13 Miss Emily reminisces about Ashley Longworth taking liberties out by the maple tree s1/e13 Miss Emily almost tells the recipe of The Recipe by saying the first ingredient is, "fourteen level tablespoons of....", then is cut off by Miss Mamie s2/e21

Season 2

Miss Emily almost tells the recipe of The Recipe by saying the first ingredient is, "fourteen level tablespoons of....", then is cut off by Miss Mamie s2/e21

Season 3

Miss Mamie's suitor was Octaveous Fairweather s3/e21 & s7/e11 Their mother did not like a statute that her husband had made based on Edgar Allen Poe's Annabel Lee while in Florence, Italy on family's "Grand Tour" in 1901 s3/e21. Grandpa Walton wins the statue and Grandma Walton has a fit saying that it reminded her of a woman that Grandpa used to date. Grandma has such a fit for so long that Grandpa has to throw it in the creek. In this episode (The Statue) John-Boy writes a story about the Baldwin Sisters that makes Miss Emily cry and she is very touch over the prose of her and Ashley Longworth as interpreted by John Boy Walton.

Season 4

The Baldwin sisters take in Jason while the Walton's house is being rebuilt after the fire s4/e18 Miss Emily is president of the Rockfish Historical Society s4/e22 She and Miss Mamie say they have distant relatives in Culpepper, Virginia, who manufacture barrels s4/e23 The sisters hire Olivia to make dresses for them from fabrics they got from their travels around the world s4/e20

Season 5

Cousin Hilary Baldwin von Clinst (Baltimore branch of Baldwin) s5/e22 Cousin Raymond wrote risque books, adored basket weaving, had to leave town after a scandal.

Season 6

Season 7

Great-grandfather Fitius Lewis (or T.) Baldwin left Culpeper County as first Baldwin on WM in s7/e23

Season 8

Season 9

Both maiden-ladies are Daughters of the American Revolution and Daughters of the Confederacy s9/e11 Agent Fred Winthrop from the Alcohol and Tobacco Unit of the U.S. government take away their illegal Recipe machine s9/e11 "The Secret Room" that their grandfather used as his Recipe room is discovered by the sisters and Ike s9/e11 Relative Octavia s9/e20