Elizabeth Tyler Walton Cutler
Family Zebulon Walton (Grandfather),†
Esther Walton (Grandmother),
Benjamin Walton (uncle)†,
John Walton (Father),
Olivia Walton (Mother),
John-Boy Walton,
Jason Walton,
Ben Walton,
Jim-Bob Walton
Joseph Walton† (brothers),
Mary-Ellen Walton,
Erin Walton, (sisters)
Drew Cutler (husband),
Joyce Culter (Daugther)

Actor Kami Cotler
Status Alive

Elizabeth Tyler Walton (born October 1927), Elizabeth is the youngest daughter of the Walton family. Throughout the series, we see her grow from a very young child into a young woman. She is outspoken, very sensitive, and shares John-Boy's love and talent for reading and writing.

Her friend is Aimee Godsey, her distant cousin and is Ike and Corabeth's daughter. Elizabeth's other best friends are her siblings. She admires her sisters and heeds their advice and she loves and respects her brothers. At the beginning of the series, it shows that Elizabeth is closest to her brother Jim-Bob.

Elizabeth is often given the chore of babysitting for her young nephews and nieces. She was the one who first found Hamhock, who quickly became her best friend, and later her adoptive brother. She loves to spend time and have fun with Hamhock, often serving as an accessory to his many zany practical jokes, as well as occasionally being the unwitting victim.

She becomes romantically involved with Drew Cutler, who goes away to college and later returns to Waltons mountain to work in the mill, and she tells her father that she will eventually marry Drew. She has a mind of her own, is not easily swayed into doing the wrong thing by others. She is a very kind, cute, sweet and loving girl that tends to be teased when she says something wrong or silly. She had a doll that accompanied her when she was lonely. She was imaginative when she colored and drew pictures and she never gave up. She loved her parents and grandparents who loved her back.


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