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Corabeth Walton Godsey
Family Orma Lee(sister), Isaac Godsey(husband), Aimee Godsey (Adopted daughter)
Occupation Store Owner
Actor Ronnie Claire Edwards
Status Alive


When Corabeth first appears in Season3' s "The Matchmakers", Corrie is shy, retiring, and acts as though she is downtrodden. She is rather plain, with her hair in a bun and simple, drab colored clothing. She develops, very quickly, after her marriage to Ike, into what apparently was waiting to come out all along---a modern (1930s) prototype of Harriet Oleson (Little House on the Prairie) and a society debutante, with airs, graces, and ettiquette, as well as knowledge of the fine arts, not even seen among the Baldwin Sisters, the richest women in town. Corabeth often means well, but is interfering and gossipy in the affairs of the community, especially the Walton family, and is very pretentious, with fancier clothing and hats than most of the women can afford. Corabeth later tones down her outlandish behavior, after a drinking problem and some issues with her marriage, but remains pleasant but annoying down to the last episode.


Cousin Sue Ellen s7/e15. Brother Albert is minister graduated Jerome College in Savannah s7/e15. Cousin Mary Margaret Fitz s7/e20. Uncle Lucas (mother's eldest brother) s8/e8. Operated Walton School of the Dance s7/e7 (also beauty parlor, hat store, tea parlor, real estate agent s9/e1) Sister Orma Lee s9/e14. Spinster Aunt Mitilda lives Doe Hill 5/9/82.