Cindy Brunson Walton
Family Derrick Shepard (father), Bernadine Norris (biological mother), Henry R. Brunson (adoptive father), Florence Brunson (adoptive mother) ,Ben Walton (husband),Virginia Walton (daughter),Charles Walton (son)
Occupation fabric store
Actor Leslie Winston
Status Alive

Born April 26, 1925. Married at age 17 in 1942 in Elkton, Maryland, during s7/e20. Biological mother Bernadine Norris. Biological father Derrick Shepard, died 7 months before her birth. Adoptive mother Florence A. Brunson (died when Cindy was 15). Adoptive father Col. Henry R. Brunson, first appears s9/e7, dies during s9/e10. Parents were divorced when Cindy was 13. Aunt Susan s7/e20. Aunt Edna in Richmond s9/e4. Her father dies in an auto accident while driving to see her, and she learns she was adopted while going through his papers s9/e10. Worked for Mrs. Bassett at her fabric store, but she quit to stay home after realizing that she is missed the daily changes in her daughter s9/e18. Mother of daughter Virginia, born The Idol s8/e15, son Charles Benjamin (Charlie) born Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain. Cindy is a very sweet and supportive wife to Ben, mother to Virginia and Charlie, sister to the others, and daughter to John and Olivia. She loves her whole family and would do anything for them.

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