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Chad Marshall is a young man that was very close to marrying Erin Walton, and he also had strong feelings for Mary-Ellen Walton. He has a cabin on Walton's Mountain.


In The Competition, Chad showed up on Walton's Mountain, and he was very dirty. He said he was doing a project for his school about trees.

John Walton then invited Chad into his home, where he stayed for a few days. Mary-Ellen and Erin competed for Chad's heart, which Erin won.

Chad had to leave eventually, much to Erin's dismay, but he returned about 18 months later, in The Elopement. He came to build a cabin on Walton's Mountain, and also to propose to Erin.

When Erin and Chad told John and Olivia that they were going to get married, John said that Erin needed to finish high school before they could marry.

Thus, Chad and Erin eloped to the local judge's home, waking them up in the middle of the night. The frustrated judge begins the ceremony, giving Chad and Erin dirty looks. When it was time for Erin to say "I do", she ran out of the room crying. She told Chad that being married was supposed to have flowers, family, and joy! Not being glared at by some judge.

Then John and Olivia came, (they soon found out that Erin and Chad eloped), and took Erin home.

Chad never did marry Erin, but they both spent time together sometimes.


Chad was very kind and liked to tease people.

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