Aimee Godsey

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Aimee Godsey is a character on The Waltons. She is played by actress Rachel Longaker. She is the adopted daughter of Ike and Cora Beth Godsey.


Initially, Aimee was very shy and apprehensive about being adopted. She would constantly hang out with Elizabeth and was afraid to live in the Godsey's store. Eventually, Aimee became use to life on Walton's Mountain and became very sweet and caring. Cora Beth would attempt to mold Aimee in her image, to the dismay of both Ike and Aimee. She is best friends with Elizabeth.


Ten years old in The Great Motorcycle Race.

Lived in Hampton Roads before adoption; father was a fisherman. Father and Mother drowned in a lake.

Is in love with Jim-Bob in The Revelation.

Attended Miss Holcomb's Finishing School in The Home Front.

Season 5

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